Growing up, I was always the kid down the block that constantly barreled down the street causing my guardians to leap in terror. Apart from other kids in the neighborhood, I was the most wild, hyper and full of energy type of child – no one could compare.

A few years or so later .. .

Since puberty has landed & settled itself in, no words or actions could express how much of a pain I was during my childhood years. I was reckless and I believe I still am – not in a “giving my parents a heart attack” kind of way but in “I don`t care what the outcome of my decisions are” kind of way, for every outcome (positive or negative), there comes a piece (even if it`s just a little piece) you take along with you to the second set of stairs. My actions, my thoughts – they`re one like no other. It`s sort of like I`m living in a world of my own, a world within a world.

As far as this website goes, not a whole lot of people know about it, in fact none of my friends know about it, or at least I don`t think so anyways. I prefer it to be that way, just so I could express more of my thoughts floating around in my mind without worrying about negative voices of others rather than seeking recognition. It kinda feels like I`m talking to myself, which many of you may consider “weird” or “retarded” and which I`m fine with. I grew up with no sibling which forced me to keep all my emotions, thoughts or any form of exchanging messages to myself, with this including my parents due to the level of maturity. There might be a few of you who stumble upon this by either sheer chance or I could`ve just simply been real to you and said “I trust you”. But either one or the other, maybe you were meant to find it.

Enjoy your stay,

McGriffin Correos


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