knock, knock _

Dedicated to my parents ..

Knock, knock, who am I to you?
Knock, knock, am I a stranger in whom you don`t care about?
A person whom you`re always in doubt?
I don`t who I am,
Like a rusted empty picture frame sitting on top of a shelf,
Untouched, dusty old frame.
The question is, who is to blame?
Knock, knock.

Knock, knock, I`m crying out to you,
In a room full of anonymous voices.
Knock, knock, can you tell which voice is mine?
Like a mother who distinguishes between her childs cry and someone elses.
Can I depend on your shoulders whenever I need a shoulder to cry on?
Knock, knock.

Knock, knock, will you be there to catch me if I trip on a rock?
Or will I just see a large number of people flock,
Laughing and pointing and making fun of me.
Where will you be then?
Knock, Knock.

Knock, knock, when a door of opportunity opens,
Will you walk through that door with me?
Knock, knock, your struggles are my struggles,
And your happiness is my happiness,
But what about mine?
Are my struggles and happiness yours too?
Or do you not care about it at all?
Knock, knock.

Knock, knock, when I go knocking on that door, where will you be?
Knock, knock, will you be smiling and thinking, “I`m proud of you.”

Knock, knock on a door of sacrifice,
For your life should be lived for someone else and not yourself.
Knock, knock on a door of racism,
And tell the world “color” is just a 5 letter word.
Knock, knock on a door of poverty,
For we are all brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of God.
Knock, knock on a door of freedom,
For every man and woman are created equally but differently.
Knock, knock on a door of hope,
For every person, young or old, tall or short, fat or skinny, has the power to change the world,
To make a difference, to change our age ONE STEP AT A TIME.

Knock, knock, who`s there?
It is I, your one and only son.