a letter to my future _

To my future,

I`m currently living in an era where if something is
broken, fixing it isn`t good enough . To many, I`m
selfish – but to a few, I`m selfless. I am
ultimately drained, mentally and physically. I`ve ran a few
thousand miles – back and forth, more than twice. I`m literally
running in circles and my sense of consciousness is hinting me that
I need to a run a different marathon . Can you confirm that statement?

Will you bail me out from my stupidity and help me
understand better, help me how to love unconditionally and
help me accept lifes full existence? I claim full responsibility
of all outcomes in my life, bad or good . I will accept any consequences
and start from the bottom if need be, but help me avoid the same
mistake, help me avoid the same pathway, help me hop off this roller coaster ride.

My life has passed the peak of a mountain and is slowly sloping
downward but there`s a ramp at the bottom and I need the momentum to
make a jump – to jump onto a flat solid ground .

“I believe we write our own stories and each time we think we
know the ending, we don’t. Perhaps luck exists somewhere between the
world of planning, the world of chance, and in peace that comes from
knowing you just can’t know it all. You know, life’s funny that way.
Once you let go of the wheel, you might end up right where you belong.”

I`m sorry for my stupidity.


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