2017 _

I would like to start this post with a question ..

How do you perceive this promise we were never given and how long would it take you to realize that we are all fragile human beings ? Sometimes, we even spend a whole lifetime holding a grudge on something so immature we forget the reason why we were angry in the first place. “Throughout the paved roads we embark onto, we will always wander and encounter the most remarkable blessings in life. Pain is an emotion, a mentor, factors of strength and a physical attribute yet it is the only way we can distinguish the natural beauties of living.”

I`ve experienced some major downfall that I never thought or knew I would ever encounter the moment I started getting into relationships. But I learned that those who experience such harsh realities at a young age have so much more to offer as a person than those who haven`t. I know all of you may know someone that were at one point suicidal in their lifetime. On the reals, I considered it too. The beautiful concept about having such downfall is that we can be so real with ourselves and open up a light of optimism and reflect upon how far we`ve ventured onto in life.

Friends ? How many of us really have REAL friends ?

Over the years, I`ve witnessed friendships establish and friendships drift apart. I can say that I have found my real friends and believe that there are many more being established and they are the people that never understood me all the time but they stuck around, listened and continued to push to establish that long lasting relationship. There are some people out there who get a little game, get a little fame, get a little something new in their life and then BAM! It seems like their friends that have always been there just suddenly disappeared. I don’t have much in my life but  I know life is about sharing what you do have and this goes out to all the friends who`ve stuck by my side and walked beside me during the highs and lows. “Running for my dream wasn’t hard to do” `cause I eat with the ones who starved with me.

Bottomline is that life is a journey and whether we live it all or live it for but a single moment, we are complete in how we perceive life. We end up visiting a deceased loved one and cry because the first thing that usually runs through our head is that, life is so short and  we could`ve treated them better. This year, I have made a commitment to treat those that are still living with respect. Call it a New Year`s resolution if you must. A lot of people have “going to the gym” or “eating healthy” as part of their New Year`s resolution but I believe life is bigger than this. It`s how you treat others. Someone recently taught me this. I admit that I`ve hurt a lot of people and I have apologized (if I haven`t then I am now) for being disrespectful, for pushing them away and for putting a layer of walls that are impossible to break down. And so I have made a commitment to control my tongue. A wise man once stated, ” it isn`t that life is too short, it`s just that we wait so long to begin it.”

So here`s to a beginning .

— — — — — —

Heavenly Father,

Help me control my tongue. Speak through me, guide me and lead me Lord. I confess that I`ve spoken out and used harsh words. Help me to pause before reacting. Your word says that fools and idiots are rude. And so Lord, for those I`ve hurt through the words that have come out of my mouth, I am asking you to heal them. I am repenting with a pure heart and so please forgive me and give me the opportunity to make amend to those whom I have disrespected.

In your name I pray, amen .


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