2017 _

I would like to start this post with a question .. How do you perceive this promise we were never given and how long would it take you to realize that we are all fragile human beings ? Sometimes, we even spend a whole lifetime holding a grudge on something so immature we forget the … Continue reading 2017 _


picture perfect _

Love may seem perfect to those from the outside looking in - but there is always a story, always a struggle behind every picture perfect story.┬áMine went a little something like this .. I devoted so much time and love to an individual who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, so … Continue reading picture perfect _

a letter to my future _

To my future, I`m currently living in an era where if something is broken, fixing it isn`t good enough . To many, I`m selfish - but to a few, I`m selfless. I am ultimately drained, mentally and physically. I`ve ran a few thousand miles - back and forth, more than twice. I`m literally running in … Continue reading a letter to my future _


knock, knock _

Dedicated to my parents .. Knock, knock, who am I to you? Knock, knock, am I a stranger in whom you don`t care about? A person whom you`re always in doubt? I don`t who I am, Like a rusted empty picture frame sitting on top of a shelf, Untouched, dusty old frame. The question is, … Continue reading knock, knock _